Best Friends

5 and said, For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife; and the two shall become one flesh?   6 So that they are no more two, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.     -Matthew 19: 5-6

My business partner.

I was listening to a popular radio show and a woman called in about her best friend being a man. The host wanted to know why they weren’t together as a couple. When asked why they weren’t, she replied “he’s just like a brother to me.  I think of him like that.”

For years, I’ve been advocating that couples should not enter into a monogamous relationship with someone who isn’t their very best friend. You see, the concepts of best friends and biblical marriage are almost are synonymous with each other. For when your best friend is also your mate, it lays the foundation that will create the union of the two becoming one. Simply put, if your mate isn’t your best friend, then you will have all sorts of issues in your relationship until your friendship reaches its full potential.

My hangout buddy!

Your best friend knows you better than anyone else because they are your confidant and secret keeper. If your partner isn’t that person, then you are doing them and yourself a great disservice. Remember, everyone wants to be their mates EVERYTHING. This is the key to my 10 year marriage, and why people often call us The Couple.

My permanent date.

I would like to hear your take on this, is your wife/husband your best friend?

Until next time…God bless!

Bobby Green

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  1. Bobby A says:

    Hey Bobby! I enjoyed reading this blog. I must confirm about 2 months ago and Sasha does not know this (however she will now..ha!) I was speaking to one of Sasha and I coworkers and she asked was Sasha in the office? I responded, Sasha is in training with the implementation of the new system. The young lady shared with me how blessed Sasha and you are because you both believe in “family” and commitment to each other and I must agree, sometimes I might accidently over hear you and Sasha conversations and I would see Sasha begin blushing with all smiles looking like a model for ‘glamour shots’. I think it is beautiful and quite proud of you and Sasha. I am blessed to have met you guys…oh yes, you are a good cook too! Your famous drink and meals you prepare our da bomb! Anyone reading this comment and had your drink and meals would agree! ..yummy!!!

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