Character Change

Self projectionAnother crucial part of my change process was character rebuilding. This is a process that is an absolute necessity because it is a manifestation to the degree of accountability in your life. My friends and relatives who benefited from my misdeeds will speak highly of me, but the people on the outside who witnessed or experienced my misdeeds will beg to differ. I grew to understand that I might think myself to be one thing, but it is my deeds that tell the world who they are dealing with. In other words I had to choose a definitive side, either be good all the way or be bad all the way. Either way my thoughts and deeds needed to be in sync with each other.

doing better

When I was robbing drug dealers I often used the money to help out many people around the neighborhood who needed some financial assistance. However, the way in which I was making that money along with the lifestyle that came with it was in direct conflict with my helpful and giving side. But during that time, I was so confused by the situation that I was unable to see how conflicting and counterproductive my life was. So it was imperative that I became a person of good moral standing by evidence of my words and deeds before I get back into society. The way people thought negatively of me in the past can only be changed by the things I did positively from now on.

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self-talk and meditation

Totally honest was how I wanted to live my life from now on. This meant no more robberies, no more illegal and immoral hustling, no more womanizing, and no more crooked friends. I wanted to be considered a person of good character so I started becoming the way I wanted people to see me and think of me.  I even did daily affirmations “I am someone people are willing to vouch for.” “I am someone people call honest, trustworthy, caring, giving and respectful.” “I am a good man.” I was going to change the way people saw me, and I was more than willing to take the necessary steps to get there, even ending old friendships and relocating. My first and hardest task was cutting loose my activities and certain friends and acquaintances in prison. Some people understood and some had a lot of feelings to verbalize, nonetheless I taking the necessary steps to make the changes I wanted for my life and nothing was going to deter me.

negative mind

What is it about your character that needs changing or could stand some overhauling? Who do you say you are? And who do people say you are?

Take care and God bless!!!

Johnny Reid – Today I’m Gonna Try and Change the World

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  1. Sasha Green says:

    What you stated in your message was so real!! Change is about being honest and often times, most of us are not honest with ourselves nor do we want to hear what others honestly think about us. To me, we cannot truly change unless we are ready to be honest with others and most of all ourselves.

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