Do Something For The Poor!

Obama Family Gives Back

When I think of how many people having to rely on charity in this country, it hurts my very soul. This is especially hurtful during the holidays, when so many of us have to rely on charity for food, clothing and presents for our kids. Charitable organizations were created to help the unemployed and not the working. However, charity is no longer just for the unemployed, but also the new growing class of the working-poor.

The economy might have created an increase in unemployment, but the number of working-poor families has steadily increased over the last twenty years. The working-poor are those of us who are currently employed, but do not earn enough to cover their basic household bills. Many of us work for years without basic cost of living increases, yet health coverage premiums increase yearly, and so does our food, rent, and clothing. This puts a huge strain on charity organizations, especially during these holidays as they try to help so many needy folks around our cities.

I would like to encourage each of you to help at charity near you. Every can of food; every new or used jacket or coat; and every piece of new toy is a blessing to a needy child and family. As the Lord blesses you this holiday season, so should you be a blessing to someone less fortunate.

Until next time…God bless!

Bobby Green

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