I have kept quiet for the past three years and watched as our democratic system became a laughing stock to the world. I am an immigrant who has served honorably, and earned a Bronze Star, in the US Navy during the Persian Gulf War. After that, I then served in my state’s National Guard. To continue to keep quiet, while people who have never truly risked anything for this country continue to bash our President and country publicly, would be un-American. We abuse our freedoms in this country to the point of anarchy and treason. President Obama is the most disrespected president in the history of this country, all because of race. We have whites with protest signs calling him a monkey and telling him to go back to Africa, and we have blacks calling him a sellout because he’s not focusing all his attention on the black population. Seriously???

The Presidency of the Unites States is arguably the most important position in the world. To be publicly disrespected by white racists and black bigots, only proves to the world how internally divided this country still is. A country divided is a nation that’s sure to fall… (It happened to Rome)! We are the only nation that engages in this unpatriotic madness. Being critical of the President’s actions on issues like Water Gate, the Iran-Contra Affair, the Monica Lewinsky incident, and the war on Iraq is one thing. Calling our President a monkey and raping and lynching our First Lady, in effigy, is deplorable and despicable.

This is what our country and the world need to see more of...a United America.

As for our so-called black leaders, who expect this President to be the “Black President”, your ideals and ideologies are racist and will create anarchy. Mr. Obama is President of the United States of America, not just the black population of America. The man has done all he can for poor black folks when he was a community organizer in Chicago, something none of his black critics can claim. Remember, most of these so-called black leaders were all supporters of Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election. It was when Mr. Obama’s momentum increased, and the possibility of him winning really hit home with black leadership, that we saw people like John Lewis, Jesse Jackson and the rest of the MLK coattail riders switch their support from Clinton to Obama. And now we have Dr. Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, and Black Elitists mad at him because he’s not handing out 40 acres and a mule to them. I thought politicians made legislations and citizen leadership brought about the desired changes. What have any of these people done in the last 40 years to advance blacks, besides running around making speeches? We sure as heck don’t see them in the trenches helping to create a better place for blacks. More than half the black population of this country is still living in abject poverty. So, what are their plans for changing this situation?

Change requires more than just “lip service”. Clearly, the mission that Dr. King was on to address poverty in this country died when he died. If all of America isn’t living the American dream, then we really aren’t truly as great as we say we are. It’s understood that the poor will always be with us however, people living in this country should never be subjected to living in third world conditions.

No bravado, no facade, just Bobby!

I am no civil rights activist, but I am an average Joe who has made tremendous sacrifices to better ALL poor people…not just blacks! Our President and political leadership, through legislation, have created the means for citizens to create better opportunities for ourselves and our communities.  I have a REAL plan to address poverty in this country, but I cannot do it alone.  I challenge all the detractors, black and white, to come up with a plan, or help me, to better our country and our people.

Until next time…God Bless Us All!

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  1. Kandes B. says:

    Oh…you said THAT! Our President deserves the upmost respect. He has had to take on a tremendous responsibility and mess that our previous president of EIGHT years help to create.

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