Life Changes 2

Bobby Green, 2010

Change isn’t easy…so how did Bobby begin to change?

One of the first things I had to do was change the man that entered the penal system.  I had to seriously get my life in order.  I knew that change comes from being honest with oneself and having the courage to step away from negative behavior and change negative attitudes.  Dealing with the root issues that affected my attitude toward life was the hardest part of self-evaluation.

I had to address issues like, “Am I really adopted and my mother won’t tell me the truth?” For no mother could beat and curse a child that came from her, the way she did me.  Or what about how she so callously spoke of her attempt to abort me but failed?  Or that time when I was eleven and she hog tied me and beat me, with braided electrical cords, for over an hour then poured hot, salty water on me to heal the welts and cuts. 

How did that affect you Bobby? 

Daughter Wizdom

I found comfort in the idea that I had to be adopted, especially since my younger brother and sisters got all of the affection and love.  Though I will never know that feeling or connection that is shared between a mother and son, it cannot stop the love I have in me.  I knew that I would never treat my children or any other child the way that I was treated. At age 42, I have been blessed to have children of my own and the love I give my kids is without question.  Through my kids I have become a surrogate dad to many of their friends.  This is the reason why one of our primary objectives at CHEC Pro is to provide an alternative to the streets and the knowledge they’ll need to compete fairly in society, through our mentorship and after school programs.  This is just one way I have made changes in my life, and with CHEC Pro I am now affecting change in other lives.

Son Zidan

The greatest discovery of our generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.  As you think, so shall you be.    -William James

New Daughter Briana

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Until next time…God Bless!

Bobby Green



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2 Responses to Life Changes 2

  1. Waverly says:

    Thanks Bobby for sharing your story I know your blog will help so many others who have expereinced what you have gone through. I will pass this on to my friends and family. Continue to walk in all the God has for you. I look forward to working with you in Sasha.

    Your sister in law’


  2. Carlene says:

    You endured your mother’s wrath, yet you have compassion for humanity without cultivating hatred towards all females. I hope your story will encourage young men that even if they never get any love from their mothers, still show love to family and friends.

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