Message to a People

The current state of equity in our country.

Dr. King and the other civil rights activists were extremely successful in
creating the foundation for equality, not only for blacks, but for all people
of color and gender. That is why it was called the Civil Rights Movement and
not the Black Rights Movement. However, the 2008 general elections ushered in
the fruition of equality. True equality was evident for the first time in this
country when a black man became President, and women are now serious contenders
for that office; and finally, the US Supreme Court reflects the population it
represents. Equity is the only way that we can achieve equality of power…not to
say that people won’t still have prejudices but they will not have the power to
exclude others based on their race or ethnicity; truly ending racism as it
exists, in the United States of America.

Now that we have transitioned from slaves to presidents in this country,
it’s only logical that we also transition from consumers to producers as well.
It was our forced labor that made cotton king, (an estimated $675 billion
annually in today’s currency) during our country’s early development, and it’s
our misguided spending ability today, that fuels over $350 billion annually
into this economy. No one can force us to work for free any more, nor do we
have to remain powerless spenders. We already have equality, so now it’s time
to build equity.

Many of us are of the belief that with equality comes equity, but that is
not an axiom. Equality in and of itself is more of a concept than fact, while
equity is factual and tangible. Equality means we can save our money in
whatever bank we want, but equity is what we need to get the loan to start our
own businesses in our own communities. With equity comes autonomy and power.
Something most descendants of slavery have never known in this country, but I
hope to see one day.

In an effort to create equity, not just for myself, but for everyone, I have
taken the initiative to address the issue from a social and economic strategic
viewpoint. I have designed a social service program, to provide us all with the
necessary knowledge and information to leverage change amongst the neediest of
our people. Along with economic ventures and incentives that will create
sustainable equity, not just for a community, but for the entire southern

Organizations such as CHEC Pro and Partnership for Southern Equity (PSE) are
in the forefront of this movement. However, we cannot do it by ourselves; we
need your talents and input to improve our chances for success. I would like to
urge and encourage each of you to get involved. Help us to build and establish
equity for many Americans who, in our current conditions, will never have a

Until next time…God bless us all!

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  1. Michelle Antoine-Millard says:

    Awesome article!!! I’m printing it so I can laminate it, put it on my fridge, in my binder and give a copy to my son.

    You are Blessed,


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